Lasheen plastic Industries

Manufacturing of woven, plastic, and big bags.

Lasheen plast

Manufacturing of woven, plastic, and big bags.

Misr polymers industries

Manufacturing and printing of flexible packaging materials.

United For Developed Industries

Manufacturing UPVC plastic pipes.

Polymers Trading

High quality raw material plastics

Lasheen Group was established in 1975, as a pioneer with a vision to be one of the leading plastic manufacturers in Egypt and the Middle East, succeeding in penetrating local and foreign markets to be one of the most respected plastic manufacturers in the region.

Lasheen Group have been consistent in providing high quality products, meeting international standards, including big bags, flexible packaging, UPVC pipes, and raw materials. Our state-of-art factories and highly qualified workforce have been ensuring that quality products are always available to satisfy our clients’ demand. Lasheen Group look to continue development and maintain the values that got them to be a leader in the plastics industry.


Lasheen Plastic Industries, Lasheen Group’s flagship company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of woven polypropylene bags and plastic polyethylene bags, known for their quality and reliability. Their factory has a huge manufacturing capacity and are committed to innovation and leading the way in the plastics industry. 

Misr Polymers Industries, a subsidiary of Lasheen Group, was established in 2005. Lasheen Group is a family-owned Egyptian company that was founded in 1975 by its chairman, Eng. Mohamed Mahmoud Lasheen, with a vision to become the leader and innovator in consumer packaging with an emphasis on producing high-quality plastic products in Egypt and the Middle East. Today, Lasheen Group has achieved its vision by penetrating various foreign markets, becoming one of the top and most respected plastic manufacturers in the region. Its success is attributed to its efficient management system, highly organized hierarchy, and staff. Misr Polymers Industries plays a crucial role in achieving Lasheen Group’s goals by producing high-quality plastic products and maintaining the company’s reputation as a leader in the industry.

As a result of our conviction that the manufacturing of plastic pipes for potable water and sanitation is a critical component in promoting economic growth and development in the country, we established United for Developed Industries (UDI) as part of our industrial group. UDI has since grown to become the foremost manufacturer of UPVC pipes in the region, producing a wide range of fabricated or injection-molded fittings to complement its core product line.

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